Abacus is ready for fiscalization!

What is electronic fiscalization? Electronic fiscalization is a new procedure implemented by the taxpayer of fiscalization of cash and non-cash payments by submitting to the Tax Administration data on the sale of products and services and fiscal accounts in real time, using a permanent Internet connection and fiscal service. All issued accounts, cash and non-cash, Read more about Abacus is ready for fiscalization![…]

Services-post for period

In the part of the program of the Office of the document, an overview of the invoiced services, through the action option, a mass posting of documents has been enabled for a specified period of time.

Account Link and additional analytics

In the part of the Setup program of the basic tables of the chart of accounts, the analysis of the analytics, it is possible to perform simple linking of accounts with additional analytics. The option is available right-click a specific account and item-additional analytics.


In part of the programme of Goods/materials for sale, a new document type called Comision-census is available. This type of document can be created by a Commission document.