Receipt-Automatically Create

In the section of the goods/material program, the overview of documents is enabled to automatically create write-offs by receiver. By right-clicking the desired receipt document in the RM document overview, the ability to create write-down opens. The write-down document is created on the basis of data from receipt-purchases and sales prices, and auxiliary quantities (quantity Read more about Receipt-Automatically Create[…]

Budget-entry and realization by working units

In the part of the financial program–The records–the budget, the definition of individual budgets for multiple work units, within one general budget, is enabled. The realization of the defined budgets by working units, as is the realization of the general budget, is possible to follow in the part of the financial programme.

Preview and print saved VAT login

In the part of the financial programme-> calculations: > Kuf, KIF and VAT registration, a new tab called VAT Registration was added. This part shows the VAT registration overview of whether the logon has been posted, and the capability to print the application, generate XML format, and delete logon if the same is not posted.

Patterns of form, print workers ' details

The details concerning workers ' solutions can now be associated with form salons. The values of the defined details are entered in the form of Employee (Tab solutions) when adding or modifying solutions, and the value entered in the values are transmitted on the form's printing.

Report from work time log, by employee

In the part of personal income–the logging ">" of work time, through reports, it is possible to get an overview of working time logging on specific types of work. The preview can be loaded by duration (number of hours) and dates (for example, Vacation dates).