Abacus ® Billing


Companies with which the industry is oriented to provide services to a large number of clients, physical and legal entities, module running provides the ability to log users of services, contracts, their facilities, and invoicing the services provided to them. The module provides bulk logging and production accounts for the services performed based on the data recorded in the field.
Basic module functionality:

  • Consumer Log
  • Customer types
  • Object types
  • Space types
  • Types of services
  • Price List
  • Logging and working with sites, objects, and measurement sites
  • Logging and working with Enukators
  • Log and work with census lists
  • The consumption log
  • Various types of calculations (expendial calculation, household member numbers, flat calculation)
  • Costing consumption
  • Interest Calculation
  • Post credit memos and to-dos
  • Mass print Accounts
  • Send accounts to e-mail consumers
  • Log Payment-Cashier
  • Log and post billing through the current account (automatic statement posting and rushings of payments)
  • Reminders and shutdown orders
  • Pressing warrants
  • Rebumation Log
  • Fault Log
  • Work orders
  • Orders for installation of measuring devices
  • Reporting
  1. Consumer cards (financial and energy)
  2. Overview and billing statistics by types of services
  3. Credit Age Analysis
  4. Preview and customer statistics by calculation type
  5. Comparthan Previewing and statistics
  6. Desk Review and statistics