Abacus® DMS – Document management system

Abacus® DMS
Abacus® DMS, documents and Content Management module, enables electronic storage, monitoring and management of business documentation (sales accounts, sales accounts, contracts, financial statements etc.). The DMS module can store all important documents in one place and provide access to all users of the Abacus® ERP business software. The documents have a hierarchical structure in the form of a tree. Given that the DMS module is an integral part of Abacus® ERP business software, it also brings the most significant advantage of this system, because the documents are connected directly to the business changes in the software, e.g. You can link a scanned account with a general journal, employment contract, and so on. All documents archived in the DMS module are always available on click, where the document sharing automation is still enabled and directly from Abacus® ERP business software.