Permanent Property

Asset 2
Module of constant property, is intended to conduct logging of fixed assets, and small tool logs and inventory with calculative writing. In addition to the fixed asset purchase logs, it is possible to log other changes to the value of fixed assets, capitalization, write-off, sales, and revaluations of assets. For all these changes to the means, the account is automatically formed and logged in the general ledger.
Depreciation calculations are performed for arbitrary annual periods. All of those changes are automatically posted to the general ledger in the master book according to MRS, MSFI, and the host legal regulation.
  • Calculate Depreciation
  • Calculate Tax depreciation
  • Maintaining Fixed Assets
  • List of fixed assets
Data search, census development, financial and volume reports are available both by accounts, and by tax and book groups, as are working units. All data on logged fixed assets is available on the screen and printer. In the same way, you can view the book and the fixed asset cards. The Permanent property module also leads to the current maintenance records of fixed assets. It is possible to log a maintenance vendor's invoices, or log the consumption of your own material. As module of permanent property is part of unique software, all consumption of their own material and tools are recorded in the documents of goods and material modules. All changes that are created are automatically logged into the general ledger accounts of the finance module. Maintenance of the basic funds can be followed through various examinations and reports, both colletically and individually by inventory numbers.
Module of constant property, supports the calculation of depreciation for tax purposes, by group or means individually. The annual calculation of depreciation for tax purposes is conducted according to the valid regulation of the Finance Ministry of Montenegro. The software in the amount of tax depreciation is automatically calculated and posted by the postponed tax.