Personnel/Personal income

Abacus ® Kadors/Personal income
The personal income module combines personnel records of employees, with records of all human personnel changes and printing of contracts and solutions, or records of other physical persons related to lease calculations and job contracts. The module is designed to maximize the needs of users and you can track basic human personnel records, prescribed by law, and other personnel changes that may be relevant to one company. Personal income module contains a large number of sifarnik, which is defined by the user and following changes and reports. They are siphers: state, municipality, professions, qualifications, jobs, etc. A precise definition of the organizational structure of the company is enabled through organizational units and workplaces.
All types of personnel changes are defined through different logs. It is possible to keep a log of solutions, such as holiday vacations, paid and unpaid, sick, and so on. In addition to solutions, it is possible for foreign nationals to run both the license logs and the residence permits.
Home data is also taken in both the employees and the beneficiaries, and other members of the family, which is the basis for the JPR form and other reports. Primary data on employees contains basic data (name, name, gender, identity number, ID number, business), data on residence and residence, past work, business that the employee performs.
The personal income module is intended for income, salary compensation (transport, field supplement, etc.) and other personal income, for an unlimited number of persons. The module is adapted to the latest regulations in the field of calculation and payment of personal income.
Thanks to a large number of adjustable parameters, each user can easily customize the software according to their method of costing, as well as possible amendments to the regulations. The calculation can be created according to a gross or net principle, or a collective contract (general, border or individual), as in the actual fund of working hours on the basis of detailed records. This module supports profit calculations during State holidays, overtime, night work, benefits of working period, as well as other calculations with special parameters, all in accordance with the legal regulation.
For once you enter data, it is possible to recalculate several times, which can find the earnings values, which achieve the target gross amount for the payment of personal income. The software is printed by all the Virmans, forms, paid sheets, various reports (work-1, MPs-ND, OPD1, OPD2, OPD3, M4), and the Ioppd form with the Exporta option in XML format tailored for electronic application on the Montenegrin Tax Administration portal.