Abacus ® POS – Retail Solution

Abacus ® POS Retail
Abacus ® POS is a solution intended for automated retail sales sites, with the ability to automatically create documents in the material or post accounts in the financial part of the business software. In addition to the Cashier function, Abacus ® POS in accordance with legal regulations, offers the ability to work with fiscal printers. In cases of dislocated retail stores, Abacus ® POS can be linked to Abacus ® business software and thereby ensure the flow of information in both ways, with up-to-date and relevant data.
The basic functionality of Abacus ® POS systems are:

  • Working in a network environment
  • Unlimited number of operators
  • Working with partners
  • Working with items
  • Working with the officials
Reports and statistics

  • Traffic register (various reports on sales of items, per operators, sales sites, payment method)
  • Print Fiscal X Report
  • Print Fiscal Z Report
  • Print the fiscal periodic report
  • Preview and Print to-dos by operators
  • Preview and Print sold items

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