Abacus ® POS2 – Restaurant Solution

Abacus POS2
Abacus ® POS2 is a contemporary information solution to conduct complete business of catering facilities (restaurants, cafes, bars and other). It is designed to support the most modern ways to work in catering facilities by using the touchscreen (touch screen), tablets, fiscal and thermal printers.
Abacus ® POS2 application is organized in two functional modules, POS Admin and POS Panel, i.e. back office and front office.
POS Admin is the basic module in Abacus ® POS2 system where all business processes that will follow the daily work, from defining the warehouse, Dobalt and customers, through items, norms and other parameters comprise the entire catering object.
The core functionality of POS Admin modules is:

  • Working in a network environment
  • Unlimited Warehouse Number
  • Unlimited number of operators
  • Unlimited number of retail stations
  • Management of clients
  • Manage items
  • Product Receptures
  • Modifiers
  • Manage Prices
  • Loyalty Program
  • Retail Operations (receipts, internal transfers, working accounts, expenses, consumption, expenditures, redundanses and shortages)
  • Managing and Tracking Warehouse business
  • Management and monitoring of production sites
  • Management and monitoring of retail sites
  • Automatically post financial data to Abacus ® ERP
POS Admin also offers a series of reports and statistics:

  • Receipt register (various entry reports-in items, by vendors, warehouses, item groups)
  • Net Change daily (various reports on sales of items, per operators, sales sites, payment method, item groups)
  • Consumption of raw materials
  • Stock List (warehouse inventory state and collemments for all warehouses)
  • COGS Control
  • F&B Analysis
POS Panel is a retail module and is a fast and user simple program that guarantees safe and accurate work of the operators in retail. The POS Panel has a graphical screen with a preview of retail tables, a preview of table-busy listings, and a screen with an easily recognizable illustration of the items.
The basic functionality of the POS Panel modules is:

  • Autoprint Fiscal Account
  • Automatic order printing for food/beverages preparations (thermal printer)
  • Work with multiple operators (authorisation through a code or authority card)
  • Working with customers
  • Work in multiple reons
  • Split and group orders
  • Switching orders from table to table
  • Switching orders from operator
  • Number of guest records at table
  • Loyalty Program
  • Discounts
  • Choose a payment method
  • Transfer of operators
  • Mobile applications for waiters and cuisine
  • Interface for Orderman devices

The POS Panel also offers the following reports:

  • Print the X report on the fiscal printer
  • Print Z report to fiscal printer
  • Print a recurring report to a fiscal printer
  • Preview and Print to-dos by operators
  • Preview and Print sold items


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