Abacus ® RMS – Resort management system

Abacus ® RMS
Abacus ® RMS is an information solution for the logging and management of housing facilities such as hotels, resort-I, apartments, boutique hotels, and other facilities for providing organized accommodation services. Abacus ® RMS is organized in two modules, RMS Admin and RMS Panel, respectively on the back office and front office.
The RMS Admin is the basic module of the Abacus ® RMS system, where all business processes that will follow the daily work are defined, from defining the accommodation capacities, services and other parameters that make up the whole of the hotel object. RMS Admin-Module for administration and reporting, basic functionalities: 1. Management

  • Accommodation capacities
  • Management of accommodation units
  • Rooms Management
  • Room Categories

2. Tariffs Management

  • Price Lists
  • Tariffs Definitions
  • Seasonal Prices

3. Household and maintenance

  • Status of the room
  • Cleaning Plan
  • Room Maintenance
  • Failure log
  • Registration of Minibar consumption
  • Lost/Found Records
  • Mobile app
  • Reports

4. Interface

  • Automatic electronic registration of guests (Ministry of Internal Affairs)
  • Interface for PBX switchboard
  • Document Scanner interface
  • Automatically post financial data to Abacus ® ERP
  The RMS Panel is the reception module where all data related to reservations, registration and check-out are made, and they perform business accounting and billing services. RMS Panel-Sales and reservation module, basic functionalities: 1. Our customers

  • Guest data log
  • Mailing system

2. Groups

  • Guest groups
  • Fixses
  • Alotmani
  • Planning

3. Front Office

  • Reservations
  • Group Bookings
  • Offers
  • Check-in/check-out
  • Room allocation
  • Additional services
  • Invoice
  • Revenue Management
  • Reports


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