Abacus ® Web Reporting

Abacus @ webreporting
Abacus ® Web Reporting is a unique system of report and analysis of business that enables effective and controlled access to information from the business system through the WEB. The system is designed to have a large adaptability to the needs of company management and in all levels of the hierarchy of resource management. Great flexibility and support for diverse needs of companies different activities are recommendations for orientation for such reporting system.

  • Performs, buyers, suppliers
  • Stock
  • Revenues, Expende
  • Success balance, balance sheet, cash flow
The allowed list of reports is preformed and set up to the user, which gives a wide range of settings for the report system to access rights to information from individual system users.
The special quality of this system of reporting is that reports are formed based on real data, which means that the user at any time has a precise insight into the state of the business system from the domain of their competencies.
Meet with this system on the Web address: http://reporting.bencomltd.com (Username: Demo, Password: Demo)