ERP-Enterprise Resource planning

Abacus ® ERP
Today, in a complex and turbulent environment before the Organization (company) is placed a number of requests: continuity in the creation of values, realization of strategic objectives, reduction of costs and behavior in accordance with current regulation. Information technology is required to achieve these demands. Competition today is increasingly based on the virtual world of information, not on the physical world of resources. If managers and employees have more information about the company and its environment, it will bring more quality decisions. Modern enterprises architecture must be flexible and agile, so that the company can be able to acquire, adapt and use processes that automatically lead to acceleration in the implementation of strategies. New technologies and new customer requirements, require continuous testing of new business scenarios so that the company is forced to have an organization that enables changes through learning. Given some of the factors, such as globalisation, hypercompetition and individualization of the customer, it is clear that the company can answer these challenges only by timely adjustment of its offer. In this process, it is necessary to collect and process large amounts of data and transform them into timely and reliable information, as a foundation for a quality business decision. Processing a large number of transactions can only be performed by modern, integrated systems for enterprise resource planning. Abacus ® ERP is an information system capable of supporting the flow of information between different business functions, business units and geographical boundaries. Abacus ® ERP is a combination of best practice, management and technology, where information technology is integrated with business processes that make up the core of the business activities of the company. Abacus ® ERP integrates all departments and features of the Organization into a unique system and can satisfy different organizational goals. Abacus ® ERP offers full integrating software applications, or one data store as a common resource that provides all applications.