HR-Human resources management

Abacus ® HR
Business processes that support human resources can be categorized in operating processes and decision-making processes. Operating level processes include creating and maintaining employee information, entering information and managing business applications and hiring processes. Other important operating level activities include reporting State institutions and performance management. The executives need concrete information in order to make appropriate decisions and to effectively alface human resources. This means designing a business specification that enables the organization to recruit or reserve a highly-qualified and quality worker. Training for employees and professional development is critical for maintenance and self-processing of business skills, maintaining morality and loyalty to the company. Planning the necessary workforce, pulls with the requirements that need to be met and skills that must be said.  The space between the profiles of the current work force and future employees ' profiles is required to analyze, so that this desired profile can be developed. Abacus ® HRM module within the ERP system provides a connection between HR application and financial system and standard processes.