Sales & Marketing

Abacus ® Sales & Marketing
The sales and marketing process includes operational control processes and management control processes. The operating processes include daily activities such as planning, contact management, telemarketing, and direct mail. Sales employees should create and maintain lists of plans by site, product category, and possible sales, and the ability to create and maintain a contact and activity management system, which would track customers, sales data, and the chronology of calls Through which the sale was completed. When sales were carried out through telemarketing, the telemarketing database is used to share the contact. The sales and marketing management control is formed in this way, to aldry sales and marketing resources to reach maximum revenue. This is one of the most important areas in the sales management. Sales managers are responsible for moving sales and allocation of resources in order to generate maximum revenue. The decisions that the sales manager should bring are:

  • How will the sales regions be divided?
  • Which buyer is the most profitable?
  • What product is the most profitable?
  • How to arrange a salesperson's time to achieve the highest profit?

The review reports, comparative analyses and early reports are very useful documents that are used to track sales and allocation of sales resources. module includes the following analyses:

  • Comparison of the average sales of each salesperson
  • Comparison of the productivity of each seller in relation to the average
  • List of most popular products for each category
  • List of customers who represent the largest sales percentage for each salesperson

Sales managers use the Sales management software to evaluate salesperson productivity and the results of the product sales, by salesperson, the region, and the customer type. The Sales management module makes the following objectives:

  • Identify weak points in certain territories
  • Compare the performance of a salesperson by customer and product type
  • Compare salesmen's performance with objectives mapped
  • Analysis of sellers performance within the region
  • Identifying a purchase trend
  • Identifying Existing Disadvantions

Sales & Marketing Modules support operational and management control processes, which include contact managing, sales and analysis management, or sales forecast. The differences between the sales and marketing modules under Abacus ® ERP system and traditional sales and marketing software is that the ERP systems provide an integrated marketing system, including contact documents, sales documents, etc.