SCM-Management of supply chain

Abacus ® SCM
In the age of competitive growth, the efficiency of the supply chain is not only a condition for success, but is necessary for the survival of the company. Management of supply chain is the process of planning, implementation, controlling and managing operations in the supply chain with the goal of satisfying customer requests in the most efficient manner. The SCM is also defined as planning and controlling the flow of goods and services, information and money, through the chain of delivery of raw materials supply, to the finished product shipped to the customer. Through Abacus ® SCM, buyers and suppliers can establish a partnership relationship to achieve goals, while office work and one part of the cost are eliminated. The goal is to increase a competing advantage, in a way that will eliminate duplication and facilitate exchange of information through the supply chain. Abacus ® SCM creates links between vendors and retail sales that cause lower costs, better service to customers, and profitability for both partners. To respond to changes to customer demand, managers must have information about all activities, forecast demand, project growth, production planning, inventory level, and product movement through the chain of shipment.