Abacus ® IS

Abacus ® Information systems are designed in the company bencom, with respect of the most demanding standards in the field of software development and use of the latest tools for designing databases and application development, and all in accordance with international Financial Reporting Standards (MSFI), and in accordance with the legal regulation of the law. Abacus ® Information systems are complex solutions intended for management and monitoring of all business processes in small, medium and large enterprises. If you are a company with a clear mission and vision, defined goals of business, if you think you need the information system that reflects your business, Abacus ® is your true choice.

1. Harmonity with MRS. MSFI and domestic legislation

2. Simplicity and intuitive

3. Innovation in accordance with the latest technologies

4. Productivity and efficiency increases to 50%

5. Advanced analyses and reports in foreign languages

6. Automating the posting of all documents, including the

7. Adaptability to all activities of

8. Integration of information and business processes

9. Top Accounting and IT support